Railway Empire

This Fun Game Allows You To Go Track Layout Crazy

it's challenges are, all about transporting goods and has a little development in each city.

In My Builds Its About Throughput. Getting Trains In And Out Of Each City/Warehouse

Go Along For The Ride Or View From The Drone Above

1: Smooth Lines1 9 11 2020

A Large Map, Pre-Train Deployment Could Hold 1000 Trains 

2: Smooth Lines2 -9 11 2020

A complete Map Train Deployment Currently Over 300

3: Atlanta to New York /June 1 2020

This Was Later Expanded Upon {video hasn't posted yet} 

4: Augusta Express /Feb 23 2020 

This Was A Lot Of Fun To Build. The Drone Footage Gives You A Feel For The Full Track Layout

5: Tunnels-and-All 2 15 2019

Here We See The Laying Down Of The tracks, An Tunneling Thru Earth