This Ship Took Quite Some Time To Build And Load Up: A Successful Mission To Duna

 I Used A 1.9.1 Welded Center Assembly And Attached All The Rest

This Delivered The Entire Base, A Bold And Challenging Duna 20 Mission

This Included All Cargo From 3020/30 And More -Weighing In At Over 1650T, With 400 Struts Grand Totaling 2175 In Parts!

This VTOL Structure Of 34 Cargo Bays, 3 Cockpits And Much More. The JLX Base On Duna Will House 120 Kerbals ::This Is The Largest Base That J.A.S.A. Has Ever Pre-Built And Delivered


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{shorter versions}14-Takeoff(1)  | 15-Landing(3)

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A Special Shout Out To The People Who Make The Mods, That I Utilize In The Game

@Lisias  >Re-Sizing Of Parts =TweakScale / @RoverDude >Module Kolonization System =MKS

@Ihsoft >Attachable Inventory System =KIS +KAS / @Nils2778 >Kerbal Planetary Base System =KPBS  

@Sarbian >Onboard Computer Assistance =MechJeb2 / @Sarbian  >Loads Modules For Use =Module Manger

@Nertea@01 >Rover & Station Type Parts =Feline Utility Rovers =Station Parts / @JadeOfMaar >Shuttle Type Parts =OPT  


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