Kerbal Space Program

Over The Years There Have Been Many Missions And There Are Lots Of Pictures And Videos To Share.

 In Each Case, We Have Not Only:

Conceived Of An Idea To Create Something; Assembled It; Proved It Viable Thru The Testing and Correcting Phases; 

Then Add Kerbals And With Enough TWR: A Successful Mission Is The Reward !

We See Here The Latest Craft, The Pictures And Videos Of The Mission's Using:

KerbalSpaceProgram  With Extra Mod's Added: Jammers KSP_Mod-Version Checker

Version 1.12.2

Enterprise-2021A Rebuild Of The Original With Some Changes In Design And Cargo. Another Successful Series Of Mission's, Completed This Base Station -10/21

Version 1.10.0 

JamLisiasXpressA Double Decker, Triple Wide Cargo Ship. Carrying All That Was Delivered With The 3020/30 Missions. JLX Did This In Just One Trip! -7/20

Version 1.9.+

 Space Port:  This Huge Space Port Can Resupply And Repair Ships Up To 18M In Size -11/20 

 Warehouse3One Panel At A Time And The Whole Building Is One Piece. Then The Cargo Unloads And A Base Has It's Start. This Also Includes A Scanning Mining Utility Rover -10/20

 Duna1020: The Multi-Craft Mission With The Largest Duna Base Assembly YTD -10/20

 IStella Space Station: My  Largest Space Station One Huge Welded Main Frame and Still Used 1300+ Parts -9/20

 CraneRover: Just Testing A Mobile Crane -8/20

 FlySauce1: This Craft Rocks. The Control Is Fantastic. Turns On 1/2-A-Dime Very Stable. Wait ! Is That One Of Ours? -5/20

 C4LCommand2: <A Descendant From Clifter101e> This Craft Delivered Resources To The Duna 3020/3030 Mission Base -4/20

 Empire3030: This Fully Assembled Skyscraper To Duna. Joining The Base Already Present From The Previous TransCargo 3020/3030 Missions -4/20

 Empire3030 To The Roof: Jeb Is Such A Ham! -3/20

 CLifter101e: A Large, Quad Cargo, Carrier -3/20

 Parachute To The Roof: I Did It! You Can Too! -Jeb -3/20

 TransCargo3030: The FL3020/3030 Continues Here -3/20

 TransCargo3020: The FL3020 Mission Begins Here -3/20

  Missions Using v1.8.1 or Earlier

 StaCation: Addon's Assembled In Space -5/19

 Mun Trip And Back: No Generators On Board- 3 Kerbal's Away, Mun1's Mission -4/19

 TrekLisias: This Large Craft Whose Fate Was Met By "The Kraken" -3/19

 JamTopia500: This Massive Cargo Ship Delivers Its Base Components And Lots Of Kerbal's Too -2/19

 EnterPrise 19S-Class: The Supreme Cargo Transport Ship -9/18

 Cx11 LG-Class: There Is A Whole Lot Of Work To Be Done -8/18

 SpaceBoundOne: A Most Massive SpaceStation -6/18-v1.7.1

 Robot: My Toy Robot -2/18-v1.7.0

Older Adventure Galleries ::
JamTown Launch | Landing >< Satellite Delivery TakeOff 
>< GalaxPlore-105 Page

---------More Testing Vehicle Videos----- 

1: CraneRover: A Mobile Rover That Won't Fall Down --

2: SmallPlane: It's Landing A Little Short These Day's --

 3: FlySaucer: Multiple Sightings Have Been Reported --

4: MultiStage Rocket: Explosions On The Launch Pad --


This KSP Base Game Is Great All By Itself! But When You Need Extra Things And Features.

It's The Mod Makers  Mod's That Enhance It Drastically, By Adding Features And Parts For More Things To Do!

Some Of The Most Common Mod's I Use Are:

@lisias > Resizing Of Parts -TweakScale

@JadeOfMaar > Shuttle Type Parts -OPT

@Sarbian > Onboard Computer Assistance -MechJeb2 -ModuleManager

Thanks To Their Work, We Get More Fun And Abilities To Crash, Burn And Blow Up!

-- Thanks Modder's --


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