Kerbal Space Program

And The Many Adventures 

Over The Years There Have Been Many Missions And Lots Of Pics And Videos To Share.

 In Each Case, We Have Not Only:

Conceived An Idea, To Create Something; Assembled It;

And See It Thru The Testing/Correcting Phases; 

Then We Added Kerbal's And A Successful Mission Is The Reward !

Here We See The Latest Craft, Thru The Missions Pictures and Video's  : KerbalSpaceProgram v1.9.1 With Extra Mod's :


8: FlySauce1: This Craft Rocks. The Control Is Fantastic. Turns On 1/2-A-Dime Very Stable. Wait ! Is That One Of Ours? -5/20

7: C4LCommand2: <A Descendant From Clifter101e> This Craft Delivered Resources To The Duna 3020/3030 Mission Base -4/20

6: Empire3030: This Fully Assembled Skyscraper To Duna. Joining The Base Already Present From The Previous TransCargo 3020/3030 Missions -4/20

5: Empire3030 To The Roof: Jeb Is Such A Ham!-3/20

4: CLifter101e: A Large, Quad Cargo, Carrier -3/20

3: Parachute To The Roof: I Did It! You Can Too -3/20

2: TransCargo3030  The FL3020/3030 Continues Here -3/20

1: TransCargo3020 The FL3020 Mission Begins Here -3/20


 Missions Using v1.7.1 or Earlier

6: JamTopia500 -2/19

5: Mun Trip And Back: No Generators On Board, Mun1's Mission -4/19

4: StaCation: Add On's Assembled In Space -5/19

3: EnterPrise 19S-Class: The Supreme Cargo Transport Ship -9/18

2: Cx11 LG-Class: There Is A Whole Lot Of Work To B Done -8/18

1: SpaceBoundOne: The Most Massive SpaceStation -6/18

 This KSP Game Is A Great Game! But When You Need Extra Things And Features

It's The Mod makers That Enhance It Drastically, By Adding Features And Parts Some Of My Fav's Are..:

@Sarbian>Onboard Computer Assistance/science @lisias>re-sizing of parts,Tubing Parts @JadeOfMaar>Shuttle Type Parts..To Name A Few

Thanks To There Work, We Get More Fun! --Thanks Modder's



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