There Are Many Crafts Created And Tested And Some Become The Precursor To The Next Level.

We Introduce The "CLifter101E" 

Built With A Special Version Of 1.9.1 To Weld A Frame Together, Which Was Used To Then Create This Huge Cargo Transporter.

Each Quad Section Will Hold The Deployable Cargo, Well In Place During Transport.

A Safe Landing On Duna, Allows Us To Replenish The Supplies With This Giant.


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A Special Shout Out To The People Who Make The Mods, That I  Utilize In The Game

@Lisias >Re-Sizing Of Parts =TweakScale / @RoverDude >Module Kolonization System =MKS

@Ihsoft >Attachable Inventory System =KIS +KAS / @Nils2778 >Kerbal Planetary Base System =KPBS 

@Sarbian >Onboard Computer Assistance =MechJeb2 / @Sarbian >Loads Modules For Use =Module Manger

@Nertea@01 >Rover & Station Type Parts =Feline Utility Rovers =Station Parts / @JadeOfMaar >Shuttle Type Parts =OPT

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