This Extremely Large Space Station Could Go On Forever

It Took 2 Additional Launches To Add The Storage Supplies And The Green Houses.
Once Assembled It Was Off To The Farthest Place We Have Been.
Out Way Past Duna Is Dawn,

The Kerbals Were Sent Into A Hyperspace Warp. They Slept Thru The Whole Trip!

Once They Arrived They Were Able To Send Back Scans And Science Data While They Maintained There Current Orbit

 1: SB1 Launch -6/2018

2: SB1 Addon 2 Thru 4 -6/2018

3: SB1 Add 4 and Orbit -6/2018

4: SB1 Add4 Then 2 Dawn -6/2018

 5: SB1 Orbit_DAWN Completed -6/2018 

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Return To:  KSP Adventures 

A Special Shout Out To The People Who Make The Mods, That I Utilize In The Game

@Lisias  >Re-Sizing Of Parts =TweakScale / @RoverDude >Module Kolonization System =MKS

@Ihsoft >Attachable Inventory System =KIS +KAS / @Nils2778 >Kerbal Planetary Base System =KPBS  

@Sarbian >Onboard Computer Assistance =MechJeb2 / @Sarbian  >Loads Modules For Use =Module Manger

@Nertea@01 >Rover & Station Type Parts =Feline Utility Rovers =Station Parts / @JadeOfMaar >Shuttle Type Parts =OPT

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