The Mission To Duna 1020

To Build A Base Station On Duna With The Needed Resources Available -


Starting With These Parameters

A: Too Not Use "Fuel Generators".

B: No Auto Pilot (Mod's Can Be Used For Calculations And For Execution).

 Rocket Propulsion Has No Viable Generator That Can Fuel The Trip In Todays Realm.

only a small landing craft had 1, to assist during the landing.

There Were 3 Goals

1: Find The Best Landing Zone For The Base. This Would Require A Reconnaissance Craft To Scan The Planet Gathering The Needed Data.

2: Land A Craft With The Ability To House Many Kerbals And Provide Needed Communications. Provide Mobile Units That Can Scan And Mine For The Resources Nearby.
3: Send A Follow Up Craft, Assemble A Permanent Base On Site.

                                                1:   ReconProbe                                                   Let The Fun Begin!                                        2:  TrailBlazer                                                                    

 This Craft Needed To Be Capable Of Traversing The Galaxy To Reach Duna And Scan The Planet.

We Started With A Simple Control Module And Added The Thermal/Solar Panels And Then Attached The Science Scanner By Adding Fuel Tanks We Could Place A Small Engine As Well.
Note: It Was During This Phase We Discovered We Could Make The Craft Small Enough To Mount 2 Of Them On Its Launcher Craft. This Would Enable Us To Scan 2x As Fast. So We Did!

 I Created A Welded Base Frame With Pylons And Utilized A New Engine Design Now Available. 

Then Added 2 Dual Cargo Bays Each That House, A 9 Kerbal Flight Craft That Can Scan, Land, Carry Fuel And Re-Dock Plus A Cargo Bay At The Bottom With 2 Mining Rovers This Would Give Us A Wider Resource Pool With Built In Ore To Fuel Converters This Also Provides Kerbal Transport. 

The TrailBlazer Build Took A While To Come To Its Finalized Look You See Today   Housing Over 300 Kerbal's We Only Sent 72, The Observation Deck Was Added Last

      3:  CargoBase-1                                                                                          4:   CargoBase-2

 Trying To Provide The Most Cargo In A Simple To Drive Around Vehicle, Is How The CargoBase Box Was Designed. It Provides A Large Amount Of Cargo With The Ability To Drive Around(Landing Not So Well). So Chutes Were Added To Assure The Supplies Arrived. Inside We Had 1 Base,1 Science,1 Nuke Gen, 1 Nuke Storage,1 Nuke Centrifuge, 4 Housing, 2 Green Houses With 2-4Way Connectors, Many Connection Accessories Were Added  

 "Addition Mission"

Having Such Great Success The Decision Was Made To Alter The Cargo And Send A Second CargoBase Delivery To Duna Expanding What Is There Now. This Was The 1st Assembled Base Station Ever Created On Duna.<Mission In Progress> 

Check Out The Videos

1: ReconProbe | 2: TrailBlazer TakeOff | 3: Orbit And Approach | 4: Landing

5: Unloading1 | 6: Unloading2 | 7: Unloading3 |  8: CB-Launch |  9: CB-Pre-Assembly 

| 10: CB-Assembly1 | 11: CB-Assembly2 | 12: CB-Assembly3 | 13: CB-Assembly4




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