This Craft Was Able To Move Large, Fully Assemble Structures. The Predecessor Of The Clifter101e Frame

Its Quad Sections Were Able To Deploy The Needed Supply's Precisely With Ease, To Connection Up To The Duna Base

This Added Many Resources To The Base System

After Deployment The Craft Relocated Over By The TransCargo3020 And 3030 Vehicles Awaiting Further Orders


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A Special Shout Out To The People Who Make The Mods, That I Utilize In The Game

@Lisias  >Re-Sizing Of Parts =TweakScale / @RoverDude >Module Kolonization System =MKS

@Ihsoft >Attachable Inventory System =KIS +KAS / @Nils2778 >Kerbal Planetary Base System =KPBS  

@Sarbian >Onboard Computer Assistance =MechJeb2 / @Sarbian  >Loads Modules For Use =Module Manger

@Nertea@01 >Rover & Station Type Parts =Feline Utility Rovers =Station Parts / @JadeOfMaar >Shuttle Type Parts =OPT  


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